Workshop Programme

Stage One – Exclusive Group Workshop

Experience the energy of ‘If Money Came To Tea’, ‘My Money Memories’ and many more fun and highly informative exercises in your group workshop.

Dr Callaghan will share his engaging views on the economic and social context of money. Alongside your peers, you will be introduced to a comprehensive range of money management tools. The workshop also includes exercises and coaching tools that encourage you to explore your emotional responses to money.

Each group workshop runs from  9:30am to 4:00pm at an Edinburgh city centre venue, with lunch provided.

Stage Two – Tailored Webinar Series

Following on from your workshop day, Dr Callaghan will tailor a series of three webinars, each focusing on your group’s key areas of interest. For example, the focus may be on the technicalities of mortgages, tax and investing or might further explore how money emotions can shape and influence financial choices.

You can choose to participate in any or all of the webinars.

Stage Three – One-to-one Coaching

Stage three is one-to-one coaching. At this point the focus is looking more closely at your personal finances, what drives your money decisions and how to achieve your money goals. We arrange for the one-to-one coaching sessions to be in person or online, whichever is best for you.

You can choose to have your one-to-one coaching sessions in person or online.


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