Confidential and supported

Confidential and Supported

The Money Coach Programme includes one-to-one coaching because it is an extremely effective way to manage self-improvement and achievement.

One-to-one coaching gives participants an opportunity to reflect on their attitudes and emotional responses to money and gives them time to focus on their vision and goals for the future. It is a confidential and supported space for exploring potential, trying new approaches, and learning how to manage money issues that might otherwise have been ignored or mismanaged.

Dr George Callaghan can be a confidential critical friend, he will not judge and will not direct. He will use his coaching skills to build confidence so that you can reflect on your own decision-making and find your own solutions. He will instil a new outlook that will bring positive change.

If you’d like to ask us more about how we use one-to-one coaching in the Money Coach Programme please contact George Callaghan or Duncan R Glassey.

You can book a place on the programme here.

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